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January, 2003

Why Your Business Should Advertise With HotSpots Charts, LLC

Our website has been on-line since March 2000. Our site provides free sea surface temperature charts, created by our company, to anglers along the East coast from Massachusetts to the Florida Keys. We also provide fishing reports, tide and solunar tables, and bathymetric charts for many coastal areas, all free of charge.

The information we provide is highly time sensitive, which means customers return to our site often for the latest data.
  • Because our customers return to our site often, they see the names of our advertisers often.
  • Unlike other forms of advertising, web-based clickable ads can be monitored to determine exactly how many times an ad is viewed by a customer, providing advertisers with valuable return-on-investment information.*
  • Businesses advertising on our site are provided with a web page on our site. (See What Your Business Gets below for details.) This web page can be used as a "mini web site" for businesses that do not have their own web site. The web address for this page can be provided to customers as a web address for the advertiser's business. Monthly updates to this page are included in the standard advertising rate, allowing businesses that do have their own web site to use this page to promote monthly sales, specials, or events.
* Click-through count information will be provided upon request for advertisers with a web page on our site. Advertisers who choose to have their ad button click straight through to their own web site will have to check with their web hosting service for this information.

What Your Business Gets

Our standard advertising provides your business with the following:
  • A clickable graphic button (usually the client's logo) that is 60x120 pixels in size. This button will be designed by HotSpots Charts, LLC and will appear on each of our site's text pages.
  • A web page on our site for your business:
    • HotSpots Charts, LLC will create and maintain this web page at no additional charge.
    • The layout of the page will be designed by HotSpots Charts, LLC and will be subject to your approval.
    • Up to ten photographs can be included on this page, depending on image display size.
    • Monthly changes to your page will be made at no additional charge if requested.
    • If your business has a web site, a link to your site will be prominently displayed on your page.
    • If you choose not to have a page on our site, your clickable graphic button will click straight through to your web site's home page.
Our banner advertising provides your business with the following:
  • A clickable banner that is 75x490 pixels in size. This banner will be designed by HotSpots Charts, LLC and will appear near the top of our site's home page.
  • Everything included in standard advertising, including a button ad and a web page on our site. (See above.)
Rates and Terms
  • Advertising Rates:
    • Standard Advertising: $35 per month
    • Banner Advertising: $150 per month
  • Payment for a month's advertising is due by the 5th of that month. A prorated refund will be provided promptly if advertising is cancelled before the end of the month.
  • Our advertising agreements are month-to-month. You are free to cancel your advertising at any time for any reason.
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